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Social Value

Our Vision

We believe in leaving a lasting impact within the construction industry.

At Majestic Site Management, we understand our vital role in shaping the world around us and creating longevity within construction. Our vision is clear: to become a trusted partner within the industry, creating positive change and leaving a lasting impact where we work.
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From our Director

"Working in the industry for over 30 years, I have seen huge changes around how we deliver projects and that not only should we be delivering high quality services but we all have a duty to leave the industry in a better state than we found it. From when I founded Majestic Site Management, the commitment to our communities and our people has been at the forefront of all our work and will continue in the future."
Core Values
People & Life First
Humble Expertise
Integrity & Trust
Discipline & Determination

‘Shaping Our World’

Our yearly objectives are broken down into areas of focus:

Employment & Skills

We are committed to supporting the next generation, the development of our employees and underrepresented groups gain employment in the construction industry.

Investing in Communities

It’s vital we leave a legacy within the local areas of our office and projects, through partnering with charities, community groups and local authorities.

Caring for the Environment

This year we will be looking at our environmental impact, making improvements on our waste, travel and local procurement.

Health & Wellbeing

We will continue to play our part in promoting good physical and mental health, through partnering with clubs, wellbeing initiatives and training.

Monitoring & Reporting

Throughout the year, our work will be monitored by external partners who can give an accurate, robust account of what we are delivering and progress against our objectives.

Using independent tools, our deliverables will be measured alongside the industry standard, giving us our first Social Impact score and a benchmark for the future.
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